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Who am I?

How do I proceed?

My name is Janna Peters and Clean Natuurlijk Schoon is my company. For years I have been struggling with greasy hair and oily skin and I became very insecure about that. After I had tried everything to get rid of it, I had the idea that I had ended up in a visual circle. When I used products against greasy hair, my hair became dry and when I used products against dry hair, my hair became greasy and so too with my skin. I could not find any products that caused me to get rid of my complaints. Then I went to see what exactly ingredients were in those products and I was shocked by that. There are so many chemicals in those products that it is not so strange that my hair and skin condition deteriorates. Unfortunately, there is almost nothing to be found in products that are completely free of chemicals. So I went looking for ingredients that 100% natural and I started making products. After a few weeks I saw a clear difference. My hair and skin are a lot less fat. I am sure that many people have to deal with this, so I decided to bring these products on the market. So you also have the chance to get rid of your complaints in a natural way.

You can get rid of your complaints in 2 ways. I can give you a free advice if you tell me exactly what your complaints are. Because of your story, I know which products suit you. Or if you already know which complaints you have, you can already order the products in the webshop. Because I have ingredients that are based on nature, you automatically deal with a shelf life. That's why I do not make stocks. I make the products only on order. This way you know that your product is fresh and made with care.

Which complaints can I treat?

In her field: dry hair, greasy hair, dandruff, itchy scalp, hair loss and firmness of the hair.

In skin area: oily skin, dry skin, irregular present such as blackheads, pimples, acne, mature skin, cellulite, itchy skin, eczema.

Would you like an advice about this please send me an email: or you can call on 0031623925994

Example stories

Since a few years I have small abrasions on my body. It itches and I always scratch it open. I had received ointment from the doctor, but the itching did not go away. I also had the feeling that the itching got worse from the shower gel that I always used. Now I use the shower bar with tea tree from Clean natuurlijk schoon for a few weeks now and I do not have any itching anymore. Because I no longer have crabs, the sanding places are finally gone.

Since my puberty, I suffer from extremely greasy hair. I read everywhere that you can not wash your hair every day, but did I not wash my hair every day than it was so fat. I saw this site and I used the free advice. I use the shampoo with lemon, and I can now say that my hair is less fat. I do not have to wash my hair every day anymore, but I was now my hair 3 times a week. If this continues, I can go to 2 times a week as it should. I can not say how happy I am with this shampoo. It has really made my life a lot better.


Since a year I notice that I have rose. I am ashamed of it. I went to the drugstore and then bought shampoo for dandruff. My rose went away, but then I noticed that my hair felt very dry and porous. In addition, my hair also broke. When I stopped with that shampoo, my rose also came back. I could not find a shampoo anywhere that would help my dandruff without my hair getting worse. I was informed by a friend of mine on this site. I first thought why this shampoo would help me. Yet I asked for advice and I noticed that I was being taken seriously. Janna then advised the shampoo with lemongrass and I ordered it. I can say that I am off my rose and my hair is shining again. No more products for me than clean!


Why use the products of clean natuurlijk schoon?

* The products of Clean Natuurlijk Schoon are a lot healthier than the regular products
* They are made from 100% natural ingredients
* They are completely free of chemicals
* You get a free advice
* The products are made especially for you!
* The products address your problem and have it reduced.

Products in the spotlight!

Shower gel with Eucalyptus provides a positive relief against flu and cold complaints. The combination of the warm water and the eucalyptus gives a steam effect so you can breathe more freely and relieve your symptoms. In addition, the shower gel is made from 100% natural gifts. That is better for your skin.
Shower gel with peppermint is even more powerful for flu complaints like those with eucalyptus. Go take a shower with this shower gel and relieve your flu symptoms immediately. You feel a bit better after showering. The shower gel also provides energy and improves the concentration. In short, a very nice shower gel with multiple functions. This shower gel is made from 100% natural ingredients which is also good for your skin and body.